Why Realtors need a floor plan?


Floor Plan

A floor plan makes your real estate listing unique

As a successful Realtor, you may already know how important the listing photos could help you in attracting buyers’ eyes, and make them move to you. It is no longer a secret in the real estate market. But, do you ever see a floor plan was included in an MLS website? Rarely. I would say only 1 out of 500 listings would have a floor plan. Frankly speaking, expense to create a floor plan is the reason that why a Realtor could not be able to provide one, although, according to Realtors.com, there are still over than 80% of home buyers would like to have a floor plan of those interested properties on hand, and would love to see an interactive floor plan with little icons with pop-up photos. Luckily, if you are the Realtors in south central Wisconsin, your problem is solved. As a professional engineer, I am able to create relatively precise floor plans with a low cost at $99 (per floor or 1,600sqft) that can be included in your listing material. Follow up, let me tell you how a floor plan could effectively increase your selling power.

On an open-house day 

Printed floor plan will be a very impressive handout for home buyers on an open-house day. A buyer may consider much more than you thought. He may think about where to relocate his piano or fitness equipment, or is he able to move his large items to the basement? What dimension is the kitchen? What width is the hallway or the stair? All these kind of questions reveals that why a floor plan on hand will be helpful. By answering these questions with a precise dimension, will definitely reveal your professionals. People will be impressed by you.  Moreover, buyers with a floor plan can explore the home on their own. Just figuring it like exploring a corn maze in your childhood. It can provide a unique customer experience for quiet customers. After the open-house event, people will remember the property because you were the one who hand them a specific floor plan other than a brochure, and then, you will be picked up. This counts for everything.

Interactive floor plan

Buyers are not able to picture the layout of a property if photos are the only content provided. Beautiful and bright photos have become a standard marketing tool in this market, so you must create an unusual user experience on the internet to help you market a property. Providing a visual tour with slideshows and videos is an option, but do you know that most visual tour services are outdated. Nowadays, people tend to use mobile devices to surfing on the internet even when they are at home. This is also a reason that why as a Realtor need to reconsider about implementing an interactive floor plan on their website. Just browse your visual tour service with your mobile device, and compare it with ours here. The snowforest.co interactive floor plan embed with photos is the best among all visual tour services. Prospective buyers will be able to know where and what this photo was taken, and it help them to build up a visual sense of a whole property, and then the most important of all, the interactive floor plan bring buyers to you.

Wisconsin State Capitol by Snowforest

Again, why do you Realtors need a floor plan? Is it worth to invest? An analysis done by Redfin Corp., a Seattle-based brokerage, indicated that listing better photos is worth than $1,000 or more. There is no official study that tells you how a floor plan will be worth at, however, being able to provide a mobile friendly visual tour and help home buyers to decide whether to keep or eliminate a property on their “wish-to-see-list”. If a virtual tour service, such as snowforest.co, has done very well, it is much more likely that the property will be kept in the list, and you will be called. This way develops a positive cycle, not only buyers and you will be able to save tons of time, and benefit you in multi-ways, including customer sanctification, website statistics and average time in the sell. So, why not include a floor plan in your marketing material?


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