Studio Production

We’ve already posted this Studio Production video across various social media platforms. As you may know, we do more than photography. We keep exploring and learning in order to provide value to our communities. Photography is our passion, and now we are stepping into video and music productions. Here is how we made it.

Basically, we followed our script and spent a number of hours on shooting the footage, with different angles, views, perspectives, etc. Not all of the footage were selected in this video, of course. They were mainly shot with Sony A7 Mark II cameras with various lenses from Canon, Zeiss, and Tamron, as well as from my . Our Canon 5DS was used as well. To record the sound, we used a Zoom H6 recorder along with a Sennheiser wireless microphone. The video was then edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, where we also did some color and contrast adjustments. The music was written by myself and produced using FL Studio 12.

If you have any question regarding how we made this video, feel free to leave a comment here. I’m more than happy to answer it.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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