Wedding Cinematography

Yes, we are getting into wedding cinematography – or wedding videography if you like.

When we started Snowforest, I always told people that we don’t do weddings. At that time, I was referring to wedding photography because I never thought we would be doing video productions. Both Max and I had shot several weddings (photos only) for friends in the past, yet we just thought that didn’t fit into what we would like to do with Snowforest. However, since we began to work on video productions a few months ago, we changed our mind. We thought, well, this might be something that we could offer as a B2C service. So we did a wedding last month for a couple who are both our friends, and here is the video:

Other than the ceremony, most of the scenes were directed by Max, who was in charge of the main camera and occasionally the second camera. He provided the script to the couple few days before the wedding and made sure everyone was on the same page. I took care of the second camera and sound recording while taking still photos of the wedding. I wish I had 8 hands to do all that! Did I mention lighting?

It took both of us approximately a week to edit and grade the video, and I spent about another week on music composition and sound mixing. Then we showed the video to the couple and had their feedback. The video was finalized about 4 weeks after the wedding. It was a challenging process, but in the end, it was also very rewarding. Not only was the couple happy about result, we conquered the difficulties of making our first video in wedding cinematography.

Hope you enjoy the video. If you have any thought, please leave you comment below. We appreciate your feedback.

To see more of our video work, please visit our Vimeo page.

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